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 [LSPD] Recruitment Formula

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[LSPD] Recruitment Formula Empty
PostSubject: [LSPD] Recruitment Formula   [LSPD] Recruitment Formula EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 8:19 am

[LSPD] Recruitment Formula E9b38h

LSPD Recruitment Formula

(1) Recruitment Form

After deciding you are going to attempt to apply for the LSPD you must copy a recruitment form code and fill it in with your own anwsers. Anyone who copies another recruiters form will be denied and put on hold for 15 weeks for trying to get into the LSPD forgerly.

(2) Rank and Class Procedure

After being partially accepted you are assigned a 'cadet' rank and will be put into a 'Class' (also referred to as 'Squad') which within that Class each cadet must take a revision test on all 4 topics of the LSPD Academy Training Session which will test all knowledge throughout and will come in handy whilst on duty. This may take upto 2 weeks depending on how determined the cadet is.

(3) Conclusion

Finally after taking all 4 tests at the end of the LSPD Academy Training Sessions, Each cadet will have a new badge and Unit Number. They will then be assigned to a PO1 (Police Officer 1) or higher who will then train them to their max abilites. After the cadet rank, The PO1 or the Chief will decide what rank the Cadet is capable of and which rank suits him/her.

Signed And Reviewed By Chief JBrooks
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[LSPD] Recruitment Formula
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