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 mIRC Tutorial

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PostSubject: mIRC Tutorial   mIRC Tutorial EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 9:55 am

Ηey there!

Before I start this tutorial off I just wanted to say how I'm more than delighted to announce that County Role-Play has now been assigned its own IRC Channel (Internet Relay Chat). There are loads of IRC Clients like IRC999, CoolIRC etc. But the certain one we have chosen to do a tutorial about is the Mibbit IRC (mIRC). Please bare in mind, You can access our IRC Channel from other clients such as the ones suggested above but the client I as the developer am using is Mibbit (seen as its the easiest and fastest to use).

Reason for having IRC Channels

There are many reasons for having a IRC channel for a SA-MP Sever and one of the best reasons is because when the server is offline/broken, All our players can connect to a 'backup' center up until its running again. A IRC Channel also helps admins to keep on top of reports, auto-reports and the admins (called OP on IRC) can also kick/ban/warn from IRC to In-Game and can also send messages for whatever reasons. So here are the steps to set it up!

Step By Step - mIRC

1. Head to www.google.com and type in mIRC download

2. Click the 'I'm feeling lucky' search button and you should be redirected to the downloads page.

3. Accept the terms if you are asked and click download

4. After running as administrator and accepting it to install it should install, no problems should occur. (PM me if they do)

5. Click open and skip the 'buy now' pop ups by clicking continue and choose a username and nickname (You MUST register your username in order to not be impersonated/hacked)

6. Where it says ' server ' put in there: irc.CHANGEME.com and where it says ' channel ' put in there either: #gt or leave it blank and after connecting to the server successfully, type in /join #gt

7. Then register your account ( With the format: /ns register PASS E-MAIL) and login. (Use a valid E-Mail and Password and don't forget them)

Voila! And that's it, simple as pie! Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and you learnt something from it. If you are still persisting problems, Please PM me either IG if I am not busy or Forum PM me on here. Thank You.
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mIRC Tutorial
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