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 Donations T&C

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Donations T&C Empty
PostSubject: Donations T&C   Donations T&C EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 9:15 am

Donations Terms & Conditions

If you have or are planning on to donate you accept the T&C


Donating to the server and it's community does not give you the right to break server/forum rules
Donating to the server and it's community is forbidden if the payment method and/or account is not yours
Donating to the server and it's community means you are donating money and not buying the server/forum

Any money donated via PayPal MUST be yours unless you have permission from the account owner
Any money donated via PayPal will ALWAYS have a receipt ( NOTE: Having a receipt does NOT mean you can have a refund)
Any cash given In-Game to the recipient will not be refunded if the recipient loses it HIM/HERSELF
If ALL cash given In-Game is lost due to a BUG/SERVER RESTART will be refunded
If ALL cash is lost due to the recipient's inactivity will NOT be refunded unless the recipient has made a inactivity notification on the forums
ALL cash In-Game should NOT be transferred to another players account for real money ( Double Payment )
ALL players who donate and later get banned will NOT be refunded seen as it is your OWN fault for losing it
ALL players who donate will NOT be refunded their money if the reason for losing it was their own fault I.E if they are hacked and have proof they CAN be refunded but ONLY if they have proof


1. By donating to County Role-Play you accept the T&C
2. By donating to County Role-Play you accept the PayPal T&C
3. Do NOT ask for a refund if it is your fault for losing it
4. Do NOT use In-Game cash that you are given to get real life money ( Also a PayPal rule )
5. By donating you accept that ALL necessary actions can be taken on yourself if you commit fraud/robbery
6. By donating to County Role-Play you are automatically held responsible for the account actions I.E it is your account or you have been given permission to use it
7. ALL who donate are not 'forced' to and can donate if they wish
8. ALL who donate MUST be over 18 and/or with a responsible adult

Thank You - Happy Donating Smile

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Donations T&C
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