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 [1] Server Rules

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PostSubject: [1] Server Rules   Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:32 am

1. In & Out of Character Server Rules


1.0) Do not Non Role-Playly rob/steal/jack a players vehicle
1.1) Do not Non Role-Playly drive, Always follow local IC Rules, Unless Role-Playing a police chase
1.2) Do not do stunts on a bmx without having ramps infront of you ( Do NOT hold in the shift key )
1.3) Do not ram/run over another character and not Role-Play the injuries
1.4) Do not dive bomb any sort of aeroplane into gas stations unless Role-Played extremely well
1.5) Do not attempt to cover/do any sort of trick which may result in a Non Role-Play scene (I.E basejump)
1.6) Do not use vehicles as toys (I.E crash them and go all numpty dumpty)
1.7) Do not even attempt to buy a vehicle (boat or car) when you know you won't Role-Play
1.8 ) Do not even attempt to be hired for the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) if you won't Role-Play the aeroplane taking off and control tower radioing etc
1.9) Do not use a boat to carry a car (it just won't do it in GTA SA)
2.0) Do not use any sort of vehicle hack/bug to advantage you in any sort of way


2.1) Do not buy any sort of clothing accessory to hide from admins (OOCly, Its complete biscuit taking)
2.2) Do not attempt to buy any accessories to act OOCly rich (I.E buy gold bought clothing to act OOC rich)
2.3) Do not attempt to bug abuse any sort of clothing bug ( I gurantee they may be found, use /bug )
2.4) Do not attempt to join any sort of gang/family faction without the proper use of clothing (I.E chinese suits for the Yakuza, It is more Role-Play)
2.5) Do not attempt to hire anyone who does not wear the appropriate clothing for a gang/family (in reality you must or else you'll probably be 'kicked' out from that gang )
2.6) Do not attempt to hide in a clothing store changing room by typing /clothes because it just shows your a useless Role-Player
2.7) Do not wear any sort of clothing to insult others or their beleifs (OOCly)
2.8 ) Do not wear clothes (Including IC) which will insult others (I.E whore clothes to make someone feel like one)
2.9) Do not even attempt to start a raging protest on clothes (both OOCly and ICly) clothes prices will stay as they are and the quality of them too. I can't change a IMG file for every person on the server
3.0) Do not wear clothes which are a gangs/families clothes. It's Non Role-Play seen as you know they'll CK you for doing it.

Factions & Jobs

3.1) Do not call for backup or talk over the radio in a faction without the use of /me (E.G. /me presses the PIT button on his radio and talks into it)
3.2) Do not hire anyone (even family/friends ICly or OOCly) for your faction if they have not completed a application form for your faction on the forums (or else admins can't keep on top of each report regarding factions)
3.3) Do not NonRPly car tow or car jack in a illegal faction (E.G. Yamagucha) always use /me and /do
3.4) Do not ask an admin to teleport someone to you for you to hire just because ' you need to go '. RP it or leave it. ( Believe it or not it has happened many times in the past)
3.5) Do not hire/create a RP scene or RP situation like robbing the LS bank or interviewing vicims if you know you don't have much time before you must go or you don't have time at all! ( RP needs patience not rush)
3.6) Do not refer /invite or /uninvite as threats to lower ranked members OOCly ( it has happened in the past). Try to avoid OOC insulting/threatening.
3.7) Avoid taking faction/job vehicles for Non Job reasons (like meet a woman and take a police cruiser) because its like 'forcing the leader to fire you' because you know if you do it ICly you will be fired and people most certainly don't try to make their leader fire them (its just basic NonRP)
3.8 ) Do not hire homeless members for your faction. It helps prevent spawn point bugs.
3.9) Do not, as the leader, hire members/cadets if they are wanted, its NonRP. (In reality bosses do not hire criminals to make a bad name for their company)
4.0) Do not (even ICly) try to park or ask a admin to park a faction/job vehicle a your house! (You will be punished for NonRP)
Rules To Be Updated Soon
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[1] Server Rules
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